How to choose the Best Microwave Oven in 2016

Choosing the Best Microwave in 2016

Whether it is the thawing of frozen food, the rapid heating or reheating food and beverages or preparing a crispy pizza, using a microwave is fast and efficient. Besides pure microwave function these kitchen appliances are equipped with various automatic cooking programs and other useful additional functions.

72% of American households had already in 2011 a microwave, in America there are even 95%. In 2015, the number has continued to rise. Who hires these days a well-equipped apartment, located quite naturally by the proprietor a DSL connection and in the kitchen a complete built-in microwave. This development is mainly due to the continuous miniaturization of devices: was the first microwave oven (link is external) of the inventor Percy Spencer still 340 kg heavy and almost 1.80 meters high, today’s microwaves are compared to tiny: they weigh 10-20 Kg, and are hardly times higher than 30 cm. And yet they afford considerable!

Let’s look at some of our recommendations.

Mikrowelle Clatronic MWG 775
Microwave Clatronic MWG 775

5 microwave power levels and a cooking chamber volume of 20 liters provides the MWG 775 by Clatronic.

A grill and hot air function and 9 auto cook settings among other features.
This service is provided by 4 equipment components substantially:
 The magnetron
In magnetron of microwave electromagnetic waves having a frequency of 2.45 GHz, which stimulate the water molecules in food to vibrate, thus generating heat. The radiation itself remains in the cooking chamber of the microwave oven, as it is reflected from the walls and a special grid to the transparent windshield.

Anyone who believes that the microwave radiation is dangerous, should bear in mind that the 2.45 GHz band is also used by such services as WLAN or BLUETOOTH, almost every household so nowadays constantly available.

Without water, but does not go! Just as you need for frying fats and oils, so you need a functioning microwave moisture in the foods that you want to heat.

Only the water molecules in the food to be heated by the microwave!

 The grill
Most modern microwaves have an additional grill function. This works on the principle of an infrared grills, i.e. the grill food is on a grill and is heated from above with infrared radiation (produced as a heater or a quartz lamp (as in the solarium)). Note here that the heating grilling not carried out via the microwave radiation, but soz. “Classically” via infrared radiation.

 The hot air function
For pizza lovers, there is the hot-air function, which ensures a particularly uniform heat distribution in the oven cavity. Here, the air is of a radiator heated (like the BBQ) and distributed by a fan in the cooking chamber.

 The turntable
The basic equipment of each microwave includes turntable, which determines with its diameter and the distance from the top of the effectively usable part of the cooking chamber. There has, incidentally, no sense to make a dish with an even larger diameter on this turntable, with the intention to make better use of the space.

Because the beam of microwave radiation inside the cooking chamber is optimally adjusted to the turntable: what is outside this range, remains cold.
MW 9675: turntable
MW 9675: Drehteller
Now let’s look at the Severin microwave MW 9675th

The beam path of the microwave is set exactly to the dimensions of the turntable.

A precisely fitting grill included in the delivery.  One of the best microwaves around!
Since most food must be covered in the microwave function, there is this special microwave lid. So you include the necessary basic equipment, but are usually not included and must be purchased to.

One of the key points in the assessment of a kitchen appliance is its handling. Most microwaves are equipped in accordance with the general trend, with a digital display field and have a sufficient number of keys for programming the various functions.

Simple “Microwave Only” devices mind simple knobs that be enough, most likely, to control the microwave function. Particularly high quality – and thus expensive equipment – contrast even have a built-in electronic scale. There is then only: food on the turntable, select the program and go!
LCD display Microwave
Modern microwave nowadays are equipped with a digital LCD display.

LCD Display MikrowelleThe current program is displayed as an icon on the display.

The temperature selected is displayed.
Facilities also include a clearly written and detailed operating instructions. There certainly deficits in some manufacturers. Exemplary are e.g. the instructions of Severin or Bosch, where the user finds not only described the handling of the device in detail, but also very many recipes and practical tips for cooking or grilling.

Finally it should be noted that some units are equipped with a steam cleaning. With a microwave-suitable water vessel that hangs during steam cleaning inside the oven on a side wall, then steam is generated, so that the surface of the cavity is covered by a layer of condensation. After that, the oven can be easily cleaned.

The microwave function
Most devices offer this feature on in 5 or 6 different power levels. Here are divided on the power range in 5 about equal intervals: 10%, 30%, 50%, 80% and the high performance 100%. In the user guide is then described in more detail, which stage you should use for which foods.

The power regulation is not called by a setting of the magnetron to the desired output range, but by a. Reached “intermittent operation”. That the magnetron working principle with its prescribed by the electrical rating of the appliance maximum power, but is simply switched off at a user-set reducing the power for short time intervals. The mixture of “on / off” times then gives the average energy of power to the device by the user via the O.A. Percentages is adjustable.

All units also have a kind of quick start for users in a hurry, who wants to make in the morning before going to work more quickly a cup cocoa hot: to the microwave function is simply started with 100% and limited in most cases, the cooking time to 30 seconds.

Grill and Hot Air
Grill and hot air function are two important and much used supplements in microwave ovens. For grilling a grill grate is required, which is supplied by all producers, in some of these is even adjustable in height. When grilling itself there is only one power level (and therefore only one temperature), that makes things easier, only then one has the time or adjust (with the exception of the automatic programs).

In the hot-air function, the user can select between different temperatures, in particular, it can determine if the oven should be preheated or not.

Setting the cooking time is necessary in both the grill and the hot air function only when the automatic cooking programs this specification is omitted.
Microwave MW 7803

Mikrowelle MW 7803

The Severin MW 7803 has 5 microwave power levels up to 900 watts.

10 automatic cooking programs facilitate the handling of different foods.

Combination of individual functions
Usually, all functions combined. So you can, for example, Microwave + grill, hot air + grill or all 3 basic functions apply together with you for the microwave nor the power stage and the hot air can still select the temperature. Lastly, then only the cooking time indicated.

Recommended this kind of use of the microwave is only for the experienced user who knows exactly what combination he needs for which food preparation.

Auto cook settings
The automatic cooking programs are a concession to our modern working life, often where the necessary time missing to prepare detailed food. but you also meet the normal user who does not have the specialist knowledge of an amateur cook and would still like to cook with such a versatile kitchen appliance tasty food.

When the automatic cooking programs worth taking a look at the manual, so that you precisely know what is behind the small image on the display when you select a particular program. In the manual you will find mostly the individual automatic programs described in detail in a table, and the only thing you still have to do yourself is to determine the weight of the discontinuing feed. The rest is microwave automatically: cooking determine the right combination of the basic functions and start!

Whom even that is too much: there are now Microwave ovens having a built-in electronic scale. Only an automatic recognition of products on the turntable food is not (yet) available from any device.
Display and control panel MW 9675

Anzeigefeld und Bedienpanel MW 9675

The operation of a microwave turns out – thanks to predetermined standard programs – also for older people easily.

Functions are selected by pressing a button and make fine adjustments using the knob.

More functions
Not all microwave ovens have the additional functionalities identified in the following list:

Parental Control: This is, if present, usually realized by the long pressing a special child lock button. On some devices, you have to press this 2 different keys simultaneously. Triggered becomes a barrier for the entire device, this can only be removed by the same process again.

Automatic reheating and defrosting: stating the Food and portion size or weight. When thawing as it is worthwhile to briefly hold the food under running water and then place it in a wet state in the microwave. The device then heated at short intervals (similar to intermittent operation for power reduction) the melted by the microwave water, waits a moment, until the heat supplied more ice is thawed, and then heats the water again.

Timer: a way to start the microwave at a certain time with the program. This feature of course assumes that you already are the desired food in the microwave and then simply selects the start time for the program.

Serialization: thus multiple programs can run consecutively, for example, until thawing, then microwave and then hot air.

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